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MOTOR SPORTS – LifePlugs™ Riders Many bikers wear helmets, boots, and gloves to protect themselves when riding, but hearing protection is often overlooked. It‘s possible to damage your hearing due to wind noise, so earplugs should be a priority every time you ride. LifePlugs™ not only help to reduce noise fatigue while riding, they also provide clarity to sounds around you by dampening certain frequencies more than others. So, wear them to ride. Then wear them anywhere it’s loud … think restaurant, bar, music event.

LifePlugs™ Riders Reduce Noise Fatigue The perfect earplug for motor sports. LifePlugs™ earplugs provide a high level of protection and comfort. All of our earplugs come in thousands of color combinations.

EXCEPTIONAL COMFORT FOR ALL DAY USE • Soft Silicone • Maintains Acoustic Seal • Comfortable under the helmet • Hypoallergenic & Antibacterial • NRR 25 dB, Mean 39 dB

Submitting Your Ear Impressions:

Custom Molded Hearing Protection require ear impressions.  Contact your local audiologist to create the ear impressions for you. These will act as the pattern for the final shape of your product.

Please contact us for shipping instructions:


Helpful Tips For Your Audiologist:

  • Our custom in-ear hearing protection and enhancement requires a full shell impression and must include the full helix, crus of the helix, tragus, and antitragus. It is IMPORTANT that the impressions be taken up to the second bend of the ear canal.
  • The impressions must be taken with a high quality low expansion silicone impression. We suggest using TEMPLET.
  • The impressions should be taken with an open jaw. A much better retention is received with an open jaw impression.

Other ways to purchase:

Call 412-327-9218 to schedule an appointment for no charge impressions or attend an “EYE & EAR” Clinic at a local gun store or show.

View our scheduled clinics here.

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Riders Plugs



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