Prescription Range Glasses – Great American Wildlife

By Tarra Stoddard

Editor’s note—Readers may recognize Tarra’s writing. She has written a few very good pieces for our site this past year. Tarra is an avid hunter and she is the managing director for Additionally, she is on the field staff for Prois Hunting and Field apparel. Her skills are not just in hunting either. She is a concealed weapon permit instructor for South Carolina and an NRA pistol instructor. Her hunts have taken her all over North America. Her expertise is highly regarded and we were happy to publish her gear review on eyewear for shooting. 

Safety should always be your top priority when shooting a firearm. Protecting one’s eyes is important because we are given only one set. This leads me to believe that protecting one’s eyesight would be critical. 

I have seen too many people shoot without any type of eye protection. Some shooters have eyesight that is compromised and must wear prescription glasses or contacts daily. If this is true for you, you must go a step further than the standard approved range safety glasses. 

Wearing your prescription glasses to shoot firearms can create a larger problem. If your prescription glasses break while wearing them on the range, you risk glass fragments flying in your eyes at a pressurized speed. Personally, I am nearsighted and over the years I have tried multiple types of approved range glasses. Without my prescription lens being in the range glasses I can’t see clearly. Unfortunately, you cannot purchase your prescription range glasses at a shooting range.

I still own a pair of range glasses that fit over my prescription glasses. I can guarantee you that they are not comfortable to wear and fog up so much I cannot see out of them. They make me look like some type of bug-eyed creature wearing the two together.

In today’s world, you have the option to purchase approved prescription range glasses at many retail stores including Walmart. Although they may put a dent in your wallet because of the huge one frame option.

Thankfully, I stumbled upon Tint the Range, an online purchasing website ( They offer a great selection of colored frame styles that are approved safety range glasses. You may add your prescription to them and they are for men or women. You can even have them made into prescription transitions. If you need bifocals, unless you are local, you will have to take the frames to your local eye doctor. Their frames fit your face comfortably without digging into your head when you add earmuffs.

I am excited to share that I tested the glasses outside with perspiration running down my face in 90-degree weather with no fogging up. I also wore them while wearing a ball cap, with ear protection muffs on, and my hair down while shooting. I shot in this kind of weather for a few hours without any frame irritation or glass fogging. I also tried on the men’s frames to see how they would look. I have included a picture of what they look like in comparison to the women’s frames.

Now you have no excuse but to practice with your firearm and new safety glasses from Tint The Range and know that your eyes are protected the whole time.