Have You Ever Thought About the Quality of Your Eye Protection?

Does your safety eyewear ensure high quality protection when you need it the most? Always wear Eye Protection to protect your eyes from the debris that shooting produces. You can purchase generic eye protection for less than a dollar a pair, BUT will it protect you when you really need it?

Options to consider….

Basic safety glasses protect your eyes from foreign objects coming straight at you. If you shoot indoors, there are times when hot brass will ricochet back, settling between your face and the temple on your safety glasses. This can also happen with your neighbor’s brass on an outdoor range. These situations require eye protection that wraps around the side of your face.

In order to be labeled as “safety” eyewear the product must meet the standards of the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and should be marked on the frame with a “Z87.1” for basic impact resistance.

Polycarbonate lenses provide the highest level of impact protection and are lighter, more durable, scratch resistant and include UV protection. Just like sun can damage your skin, the ultraviolet rays can also damage your eyes. Also, if your shooting lenses get scratched, this can disrupt your vision and accuracy.

To allow for ventilation and reduce fog, safety eyewear may come with vents or slots on the bottom and/or sides of the lenses and/or frames.

Fit is an important aspect of safety eyewear. We have all seen shooters wearing loose fitting eyewear, sliding down their nose. A comfortable, good quality safety frame that is properly fitted for you will provide the safest eye protection.

A variety of tints can be added to your safety eyewear and are recommended for specific situations. Tinted lenses allow you to see targets more clearly based on different light conditions and can improve accuracy.

Don’t forget, you also need safety eyewear in other shooting related situations, like cleaning your gun and reloading ammunition, so always keep an extra pair.

I often hear the question: “Can I use my prescription glasses?”

Ask yourself…. Are they impact resistant? Do they wrap around your face? Do they fit properly? Do they have the ANSI Z87.1 stamp on the frame? Consider purchasing safety eyewear custom made with your prescription. There are many comfortable styles and options available that ensure high quality protection.

The bottom line: Do Not Skimp on Safety! When it comes to your eyesight, spend extra time considering your options and a few extra dollars on quality safety eyewear!

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